Little Creatures Rogers Carton

$79.78 each


Velvet smooth, Roger’s Beer weaves together the best whole hop flowers and toasted malts into a silky mid strength ale like no other. Gentle bitterness and light citrus hop notes that weave together with roasted toffee and caramel malt flavours to create this unique, easy-drinking amber ale.


No additives or Preservatives. 99.9% Sugar Free

Tasting Notes

Roasted toffee and caramel malt flavours, light citrus hop notes and a gentle bitterness define this unique, easy-drinking amber ale.

Product Details

Liquor Style Amber Ale
Alcohol By Volume 0.038
Standard Drinks 1
Closure Bottle Cap
Region National
Information regarding deliveries to the ECO Discovery Park;
Currently the process for delivery here (due to access restrictions) is as follows;
We will phone you as the driver is about to leave the store (around 4pm) & you will need to meet him/her at the entrance to the discovery park opposite the oval.